Signs That Your Husband Doesn’T Love You

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Many relationships are the best when they just started dating. Everything seem to be so perfect and romantic in the initial stage. However, many relationships start to die off when they are together for too long. The mind of thinking that he or she is the perfect partner also start to become "not so perfect." Here are some of the common signs that your husband doesn't love you as much as before.

- Lost of interest in you

One of the most obvious signs that your husband doesn't love you is he seems to have lost interest in you. He does not seem to be interested in getting intimate with you and he is not showing as much care and concern on you now.

- Various kinds of excuses not to accompany you

Is he coming out with various kinds of excuses not to come home early? Most of the common excuses will be busy at work, with his guy friends or maybe a sudden interest in certain activities.

- deletion of call history and messages

You see him deleting his call history and text messages more frequently. If he does not have a habit of doing that before, it is quite likely that he does not want you to know about the mysterious caller and it may be his lover.

- Many new gifts not sent by you

Here is another common signs that your husband doesn't love you if he is having an affair outside. He is wearing new shirt, perfume or tie not bought by you or him. This is quite suspicious especially if he is a person that do not like to shop.

Do not go confronting your husband without the real proof. It is critical that you stay calm and cool when you are working towards to save your marriage alone.

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Signs That Your Husband Doesn’T Love You

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This article was published on 2009/02/26
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