Of Late My Husband is Emotionally Distant - What Should I Do?

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Marriages are same all over the world because people are actually not very different. Every marriage has a honeymoon, stability and a collapse phase. Normal gets boring after some time and it is then that wives start to complain 'my husband is emotionally distant' - what should I do? Like all wives, you too perhaps are wondering what your next course of action should be, because your love for him is still strong.

The other common trait in majority of women is that they immediately draw conclusions. If my husband is emotionally distant, it has to be because of another woman coming in the scene! In reality there are countless reasons why a husband may feel emotionally distant - most of them, having their roots in your marriage! Therefore, if you feel that my husband is emotionally distant, look within and clear up your own stable first. Look carefully and you would find several need gaps, several causes for misunderstandings, occasions where rude words were exchanged and more. What you did was to ignore the initial signs and it is no wonder that today you feel my husband is emotionally distant.

The first task is to find why you are feeling this way about your husband. Find out the issues which could be bothering him - including finance, home, career, kids, health, and more. Never jump into conclusions till you know the precise reasons why he is gradually distancing himself from you. Men usually draw into a shell when they feel isolated and alienated in their marriage. This happens when your husband cannot emotionally connect with you anymore. Who is responsible for this state of affairs - you or him?

The only way to break the ice is to gradually gain his confidence and allow him to open up to you. Make him feel confident and comfortable in your presence and reassure him of your unconditional support with whatever decisions he takes in life. Tell him how much you treasure his presence in your life and how you value his friendship.

When you start a frank and an open conversation with your husband on why you are feeling my husband is emotionally distant, be prepared to hear a lot of unpleasant truths about your attitudes and actions. A lot of past might be raked up causing you great embarrassment. If you want to gain his confidence do not interrupt him with your views, counter-blames or justifications. Once he has finished, speak rationally and calmly. There is no point in getting angry and agitated. If you feel that my husband is emotionally distant, you need to make every effort to draw him closer and bridge that gap. Revive patience and understanding as your virtue again.

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Of Late My Husband is Emotionally Distant - What Should I Do?

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This article was published on 2011/01/03
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