My Husband Is Leaving Me - What Do I Do?

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The knot in your stomach is starting to make you feel sick, as it looks like your husband has made up his mind to leave. Is there anything you can do to make him stay? It's without doubt, probably the most emotionally draining and upsetting time of your life, but take heart, there is still hope.

You've tried everything right? Nothing seems to work? The more you try the further he pulls away? Nothing you say or do is having any effect on his decision to leave.

When things start to go downhill, emotions from both parties will be running high, and can quickly put any relationship into free fall. At this emotional time the real reasons behind your relationship troubles are often forgotten, and conflict over the smallest things can lead to full blown rows, where both parties, in heat of the moment, will hurl accusations and blame at one another. As these encounters increase, your husband's resolve to leave will strengthen, until a breaking point is reached, and he decides the only option is to leave. His decision to leave may not have been taken lightly, but the emotional chaos will probably prompt him to decide in the heat of the moment.

The very best advise for the time being, is to give your husband, and the immediate situation some space. Trying to change your husbands mind when your emotions are running wild will only push your husband further away. Heartbreak, feeling helpless, desperation, fear of the unknown, these emotions will all threaten to consume you, but your emotions at this time are your worst enemy, and will cause you to react in the extreme.

During this emotional turmoil the real reasons for the breakdown in your relationship are often forgotten, and with the emotional temperature being so high, any hope of reconcilliation is going to be difficult, if not impossible. It will be extremely hard, but for the time being, try to respect your husbands wishes, and give him the space he wants.

Psychologically, showing your Husband that you respect his wishes and are willing to give him the space he requires, is all that is needed to plant the seed of doubt in his mind.
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If everything you are doing at this time is not working, then it is time to do the exact opposite.
At How To Get Back With Someone You Love you will find the next steps to take after this cooling period, what to do help your own emotional welfare, and hopefully help you change your husband's mind.

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My Husband Is Leaving Me - What Do I Do?

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This article was published on 2011/04/18
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