My Husband is Emotionally Distant - How Do I Bring Him Closer?

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After a couple of years of marriage, it is common for women to feel that 'my husband is emotionally distant'. They find it difficult to cope with this situation and seek help from friends and counselors. However if you are facing such a situation, you have to appreciate that a husband can feel alienated for various reasons, and it is not always true that he has fallen for someone else. If you still love your husband and want to end this constant feeling that 'my husband is emotionally distant' here are some steps you can take to prevent this gap from broadening and ruin your marriage.

Your first job is to find out why you feel that 'my husband is emotionally distant'. What are the issues bothering both of you? These could include children, finance, and career or just about anything. Like you, your husband could be taking the route of withdrawal from the domestic scene and distancing himself from you. Your responsibilities when you find that 'my husband is emotionally distant', is to pinpoint the precise causes which are making him draw into a shell.

There is also the possibility that there is perhaps nothing bothering your husband in particular except that he is too hassled and mentally tired. Remember the daily routine of life can bog down any person - the way to handle it is to start a polite and warm conversation with him. Let him repose his confidence in you and open up to you with whatever is in his mind. Just comfort him and promise your support in whatever that he is busy with. Engage him in activities which bring in some lighter moments, help you remain close to each other and soon you would find that you are no longer feeling that 'my husband is emotionally distant'. The important issue here is that in a marriage such developments are common, and you have to constantly monitor how your husband is coping with life's situations. After all, you are not only his wife but his best friend also.

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My Husband is Emotionally Distant - How Do I Bring Him Closer?

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This article was published on 2011/01/01
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