My Husband had an Internet Affair and I Knew it

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My husband had an internet affair and I knew about it. Because of our marriage counselor, I could handle that problem at the first instance I knew it. Though it was very hard and heavy to my heart but the advice that I got was guaranteed. If you are in my situation, I tell you to do the same thing. It is worth a lot to save your marriage because internet affairs are just simply stoppable. If your husband is looking for dates on the internet, it means that he just had enough of you. It is on the way you talk, dress, and your manners. That is the problem.



The very exact thing that you should do is overdo yourself and change your negative attitude that your husband doesn't like. It is not depriving your right for who you are but rather an improvement of your entire being. My husband had an internet affair, and I could stop it. So can you. As a wife you are empowered to show your husband the very thing that she is looking for a woman. This idea is very collective and was based on experience and understanding about relationship and marriage. Getting devastated is so ridiculous because you are in competition with somebody online. And you know you even better than anybody because your husband married you.



My marriage counselor whom I asked held from was right. Today, I am even happier with my husband. Sometimes, we are online together fooling around, just for the sake of having fun and is under the limitation of the internet access. I also let him be so that I will not deprive him of what he likes, but I am also there to monitor it. There are more advising that I got from those relationship experts, and you can apply them to your marriage. That is the secret. My husband had an internet affair and its fine with me.



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My Husband had an Internet Affair and I Knew it

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This article was published on 2010/10/06
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