How To Save A Marriage

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Have you ever been in a circumstance in your marriage in which you feel that you cannot stand anymore and want to finish everything? That "I want to divorce but my husband doesn't" is a very common situation among wives.


You see, sometimes the situation ends up seeming so helpless that it seems silly to keep going. Yet often times the fact that one spouse isn't ready means that there just may be something left in the marriage.


Certainly if your husband is abusive then there's no reason for you to stay. But if you're in a relationship that has just gone awry, with no abuse, then there may be some hope at the end of the rainbow.


Very often it's simply a communication break down.


Sure you hear that all the time, but what you don't hear are the specifics of what may be causing that.


Resentment is probably the number one factor.


If you're saying "I want a divorce but my husband doesn't" then you're probably feeling a great amount of that resentment right now toward your husband. Only you could possibly know the cause, but it's probably worth asking yourself where this resentment stems from, and if there's any way of getting past it.


Especially if you have children! It's not always best to keep a marriage alive even with children, but usually if possible a child will get more out of seeing you work your problems through than to simply give up.


Resentment is a nasty word in marriage and can lead to divorce, without one spouse even knowing what the heck happened.


It takes some self reflecting, and some major honesty on your part, but if you're in a situation where you're saying "I want a divorce but my husband doesn't" you owe it to yourself to at least try to figure out if this is the problem, and maybe get through it.


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How To Save A Marriage

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This article was published on 2010/03/20
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