How To Know Whether Your Husband Still Love You Or Not?

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It is easy to realize that you just imagine that your husband does not love you anymore, but just which way do you know for sure if your mistrusts are right or wrong? It is so terrible if you are living like this, and you don't know whether your marriage is secure or not.


You can of course just ask your husband straight out, whether your fears are justified, but before you do, be aware and try to see some of the very obvious signs that you are right, and your husband does not love you anymore.


If your husband has of late been too busy with his own affairs and doesn't spend as much time as he used to with you, this could be cause for alarm. He will find every excuse under the sun to avoid being with you - he is too busy at work, there is a program on TV that he really wants to see, or, when he does have some time on his hands, he will rather spend it with his friends than with you.


Another sign that could show that your husband does not love you anymore, is when he does all he can to avoid family birthdays, anniversaries, or any other family get-togethers. He is showing that he does not want to be part of the family anymore.


Speaking of families, he will shy away from you and the children, if you have any, as much as possible. He will let you know very clearly that he enjoys being with his friends or getting busy with his hobby a lot more than having you for company.


The biggest problem that you could have, that shows your husband does not love you anymore, is the fact that there is very little or no communication between you at all. He will get up in the morning without greeting you, get dressed, have something to eat and then go to work without saying goodbye.


As far as the intimate side of your marriage is concerned, it becomes non-existent when your husband loses interest in you. He will make sure that he only goes to bed when you are already asleep, to make sure that you can't make any demands on him.


You can take it as a definite sign that your husband doesn't love you anymore, when he suddenly informs you that he will be moving into the spare-room for a while. The next step is to move out the house completely.


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How To Know Whether Your Husband Still Love You Or Not?

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This article was published on 2010/09/01
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