Being a Better Husband

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How to Become a Better Husband

More often than not, men are more likely to be pressured not only on becoming successful in life manifested by material things like owning a beautiful car, having a bigger home and keeping their wives happy and contented. Having the car of your dreams is easy but the hardest of it all is to become a better husband. The truth is that there are plenty of things you can do so you can become the best husband in the eyes of your wife. The trick here is to do the things you think pleases your wife and you can start by complimenting her as often as you can. This is really the easiest part but why is that a lot of men often fail on this aspect? When you compliment your wife, you need to really mean it. Do not be inhibited by your emotions simply because you are a man. If you her in her new dress tell her upfront. The key is to not limit your flattering remark on special occasions alone. You can tell her how beautiful she is every time you wake in the morning. You can tell her how fantastic a cook she is every time you have dinner. These simple gestures matter a lot and in the eyes of your beloved, you will be the greatest husband in the world.

Another thing you can do to become a better husband is to help out around the house whenever you can. If you are the type of guy that reads newspaper while your wife is up in the neck with the household chores, it is time for you to reconsider you view with regards to doing your share of the chores. Simple household tasks like bringing the garbage out or putting the dishes in the cabinet can really change the way your wife thinks of you. It is not an excuse for you to avoid sharing chores with your wife even if you are the only one that brings home the money.

To be a better husband, you also need to be strong. While most women want their men have the ability to relate to their feminine side, they certainly would not want to be married to a spineless man. Women may seem to be strong but they still need someone they can depend upon and who can protect them in times of need. You need not be physically strong but as long as you can make your wife think that you can provide the security they need, you will always be the best husband for her.

Sometimes, men forget how it is to be romantic after being married for ten years or so. Just because you already have three children does not necessarily mean that the romance in your married life should also die down. Do what you used to do when you were just courting her and you will see the great difference it can make between the two of you. A simple walk in the park during a moonlit night will allow you to talk about a lot of things and this is enough to bring back the spark in your love life.

Being better a husband is not all about bringing home a bigger paycheck. Remember that money can't buy her happiness as compared to the honest love you can give her.

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Being a Better Husband

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This article was published on 2011/01/06
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